Ocean Health
Coral reef in Indonesia

Our seas are in critical health today and we can make a big difference through our daily choices. Here’s how: Choose sustainably-sourced seafood. Minimize plastic waste – it likely end up in ocean. If you’re a diver and based in Singapore, join the next conservation dive by SeaKeepers Singapore. For your next trip, consider Recovery of […]

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Sustainable Living

Adopting a responsible & sustainable lifestyle starts with daily choices we make. Try some of these today: Refuse straw. It has low utility value yet very damaging to our ocean and planet. Find out why you should refuse straw. See tips from The Last Plastic Straw and Refuse The Straw. Choose products with sustainably-sourced paper. […]

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Racing Extinction

Join me as a Zoo Docent to be the voice of vulnerable animals to tell their stories to the world, raising awareness of issues on their native habitat where these beautiful creatures used to live freely. If you live elsewhere, consider EarthWatch expeditions around the world or one near you. Population of many species are […]

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