Join me as a Zoo Docent to be the voice of vulnerable animals to tell their stories to the world, raising awareness of issues on their native habitat where these beautiful creatures used to live freely. If you live elsewhere, consider EarthWatch expeditions around the world or one near you.

Population of many species are declining at an alarming rate around the world, primarily due to human impact on the ecology. Learn simple choices and actions you can do to make a difference today. See Racing Extinction project or The Dodo.

“For the first time since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we face a global mass extinction of wildlife. We ignore the decline of other species at our peril – for they are the barometer that reveals our impact on the world that sustains us.”
— Mike Barrett, director of science and policy at WWF UK

We share this planet with millions of other species, yet our species has driven plenty of species to extinction and sadly, it’s still not slowing down. Will the future generations get to see the remaining animals we see today? Our awareness, willingness, daily choices and actions shape the future of our only home planet.

Contact me if you’d like to volunteer to be a Zoo Docent in Singapore or have any question about it.